Burglars Reveal What Makes Your House Easy Targets


You might be worried about the safety of your place and how can you keep it safe from any kind of burglary or the intruder. There are a number of manners and methods that you can opt for once any of the people in making it to your house. But in this article, we are going to talk about the few points that can help you out to keep them completely away from attacking your house in the first place. The best method to block someone’s strategies and know about their plans is to think like them. This is the reason why in this article we are talking about the steps and methods you can opt for making your house the least attractive for the burglars.

What Kind Of Houses Are At High Risks?

There are some of the houses that are at high risks of for the burglary as compared to the others. The intruders and burglars keep their eyes on these kinds of houses and target these in the first place.

  1. The neighborhood you are having is an affluent one and has nothing to do with anyone living in the same area as theirs.
  2. All the members of the family having a strict schedule to follow.
  3. The house that is kept unattended quite a lot of time and that too for long intervals.
  4. There are no dogs safeguarding the house and also not much security is around the house.
  5. The house is full of expensive items including the jewelry, gadgets and the furniture kept in there.
  6. There are a lot of trees and shrubs etc hiding the house from the driveway or the main street.

The Houses At Low Risks

The houses that are quite at a low burglary risk than the other ones have the below-mentioned qualities in them.

  1. There are large families living in the house and some of the house members are present at any point of the day.
  2. There are no expensive items kept on display at your home.
  3. The neighborhood is quite active and involved with a lot of people staying out maximum of time.
  4. There are dogs kept in the house.
  5. These homes are quite clearly visible from the street and have no bushes, trees or shrub hiding them.
  6. There is regular police patrolling being done in that particular area.

The Possible Solution

The best possible solution for a problem like this is keeping your house safe and taking care of all the possible loopholes that can provide easy entry to the burglars and intruders. Also make sure that you keep the house properly lighted up at each point, even if you are not home. This gives a pretense to the intruders of people being in the house. Also, take proper care of all the doors and window frames of the house as they can also sometimes provide be a way for intruders to get an entry in your place. In addition, you can install an alarm system at the driveway to alert them remotely. You can try one of the top-rated long range systems here.