How-to’s for Removing Common Kitchen Stains

Everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen; it’s where the food and drinks are. It’s also where the stains are created. Common kitchen stains on countertops, sinks and the burned glass coffee pot whom no one remembered to turn off can all be easily removed with these tips.

Removing Price Tag Marks from Kitchen Countertop

Not only are the kitchen countertops perfect for food prep, they are also the dumping ground for everything we cart in through the door. Items purchased from the store get placed on the countertops until needed, then when the item is picked up, it leaves behind it’s mark. An ugly price tag stain that won’t wash off with soapy water. Grab the bottle of rubbing alcohol to remove that stubborn price tag stain. Apply rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth and wipe the stain away.

Removing Dry, Caked-on Food Stain from Stovetop or Countertop

The food spill that was forgotten about days ago is now a dry, caked-on food stain mess that looks like it may require a jack hammer for removal. Just wet a dish cloth or paper towel with hot, soapy water and place on the caked-on food mess for a few minutes. This should loosen the caked-on food so it can be easily wiped away. If it leaves a stain behind on the countertop, use rubbing alcohol to remove it.

How to Remove Water Spots on Kitchen Sink and Faucets

Everything in the kitchen has been wiped down and is sparkling clean, everything that is except for the kitchen sink and faucets. The water spots are making them old and dirty. Remove those water spots with a soft cloth dampened (not wet) with white vinegar.

Way to Remove Tea Stains from Cups

Love a cup of hot tea but hate the stains tea leaves behind in favorite cups? Scour those tea stains away with a soft wet cloth and baking soda. Baking soda is a cleansing agent that has a mild abrasive that will remove the tea stains without harming the tea cups. Baking soda is also an all natural product that is gentle on hands.

Tips to Remove Stains from Burned Coffee Pot

Someone forgot to turn the coffee maker off and the quarter cup of coffee left in the pot burned and adhered to the glass coffee pot. Don’t toss the coffee pot out, remove the burned on coffee stains by sprinkling a layer of salt in the bottom of the coffee pot, then add a layer of crushed ice over the salt and let sit for several minutes. Swish the partially dissolved salt and melted ice around the coffee pot, pour out then rinse with water. Most of the burned on coffee crud should come right out. If a coffee stain remains in the bottom of the pot, repeat the salt/ice removal treatment.

Kitchens surfaces are going to be stained with price tags, caked-on food, water spots, tea, coffee and a host of other things. Knowing how to remove those stains quickly and easily is half the battle.