How To Stop Your Nose Running Every Morning


More than millions of people in the world affected by a runny nose caused because of allergic reactions. But, many people have this problem in the morning, whereas other wake up with a stuffy nose. In addition to that, they have this problem not only on some days but also every morning. If you’re one of them having this same problem, then, at last, you reached a right place to know why causes it and what to do with it.

In addition to that, most of the people have this problem after they wake up and starts sneezing. They should have this condition at least for a minute, but it went in the mid-afternoon session. Does this sound like you? Stay here and continue your reading of this section to the reason and how to stop.

Why and what to do?

When it comes to the allergens, there are plenty in these days and each occurred because of some reasons. You know, there are different types of allergens also in the world to cause the people. But, the most common allergen that results in a runny nose every morning is dust mite.

What is Dust mite?

The dust mite allergen is the most common allergen available in the household and this kind of allergen is undiagnosed and misdiagnosed too. This dust mite is a microscopic substance, which is closely related to spiders. This microscopic creature looks like small, but a very powerful one. This is because it contains protein in the body that affects the people and their sleep. In addition to that, it also results in a runny nose in the morning time.

On the other hand, the dust mites are lives on the bed and bed clothing, so you need to wash the cloth and use at every time. This is the main reason for why you’re waking up with this issue.

How to fix it?

As I said before, dust mites are stored in the bed and bedding clothes. So, the best way cope with a morning runny nose is washing clothes at every time. From this method, you can reduce living dust mite allergen in the beddings. But, it is not at all possible to wash the beddings on daily basis right!!

No worries; there are one more solutions available for you. Instead of washing your bed clothes, you can also zipper your bed with cover. There are zippered dust mite proof covers for you people to cover both mattress and pillows to cover thoroughly to avoid storing of a dust mite. This method helps you to reduce the daily washing, but you need to wash all beddings for every 7 days in 140-degree water. But, most of the hot water heater has only 120 degrees or even less. At such a case, you can make use De-mite detergent to kill dust mite. So, try this method to avoid a runny nose. If you want more ways to avoid this problem, check out Home Remedies by Health Essential.

To get rid of dust, you can also use a vacuum cleaner.